It is essential to take proper care to make your home shine among the other properties in the neighbourhood. Cleaning the window panes and applying a coat of paint at regular intervals is vital. A professional can help you achieve this goal without any hassle.

Follow Effective Cleaning Steps for Better Shine:

When discussing window cleaning in South East London, you should consider the practical maintenance steps. The professionals would surely follow the proper steps to make your glazing shine brightly. 

What are the Most Common Mistakes of Window Cleaning?

As discussed below, it is advisable to avoid the common mistakes of window cleaning. A careful cleaning approach can protect the panes from damage and restore the refined look of the property.

  • Using Abrasive Materials: If you use DIY methods for window cleaning, ensure using the proper cleaning agents. Do not use abrasive materials to make your window shine. Avoid using rough brushes, razors or scrub pads, as these can leave a permanent scratch mark on the window panes and frames. Water or other liquid cleaning agents can remove accumulated dirt or filth.
  • Selecting Wrong Type of Water: Cleaning glass surfaces, especially windows, requires considerable water. It is a readily available cleaning material that you can source at home. However, it is worth noting that not all types of water are suitable for window cleaning. Use purified water, which has all hard minerals filtered out. These effectively drive out the accumulated dirt without leaving a streak or mark on the pane.
  • Cleaning at the Wrong Time: It may sound surprising, but cleaning a window has a particular time and season. Most think the process can best be done during sunny, clear days. However, as it is the hottest time of the day, the window will dry out quickly, leaving stains and marks on your valuable fixtures. Instead, choose a cooler day with lower sunlight to complete this chore.

When you avoid such mistakes, window cleaning becomes a relatively easy task. However, it is better to collaborate with an experienced source like Sunshine Window Cleaning for safety. We are well known as a team of experts for window cleaning in South East London. Whether you have a residential or commercial space, you can maintain its look with our premier window cleaners. To learn more about us, please visit our website today.