Skyscrapers with sparkling clean windows unquestionably look sophisticated. However, have you ever wondered how they are kept clean? Cleaning high-rise windows is challenging and, indeed, not the job of novice window cleaning companies. Commercial hubs generally hire professional companies to clean windows in South East London.

Snow, fog, dust, debris, dried raindrops, and bird droppings may damage the pristine look of the glass windows. However, cleaning the windows at such heights is a risky job. Hence, a regular clean-up schedule can save the day.

For window cleaning in South London, approach professionals with experience in commercial and domestic cleaning services. 

How often should you clean a high-rise window?

The answer to this question depends completely on the building’s location. If the building is shaded by trees and located in a low-traffic zone, then the exteriors of the windows might need to be cleaned thrice a week.

However, if the building is in a congested and open area, then smog, bird droppings, and dust will be integral. In such grave situations, getting the team up on the scaffolds and cleaning the windows regularly is better.

This will prevent the dust from settling down on the window panes.

Risks during high rise window cleaning process

Imagine cleaning a window 75 feet above the ground. Does it sound scary? High-rise window cleaning is a risky process. Many labourers have sustained injuries while working on ladders or ropes while cleaning high-rise windows.

Safety should thus be a priority. Professionals use a stable platform like a scaffold for window cleaning. This helps them work safely under adverse weather conditions. They also use suspended platforms depending on the height of the high-rise buildings.

The cleaning professionals use cold water, along with chemical solutions, to wash the exteriors of the windows and restore their shine.

What is the cost of high-rise window cleaning?

Professional service providers generally charge depending on the height of the building. The charges will depend on factors like:

  • Size and structure of the high-rise building
  • Amount of dust and stains on the windows 
  • Types of windows that need to be cleaned 
  • Cleaning schedules 
  • Types of safety equipment required

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