Clean windows do not merely provide you with a clear glimpse into the outside world; they also contribute to a squeaky clean, hygienic and healthy environment. Here, we will share some golden rules of commercial window cleaning in London.


Five little-known tips on commercial window cleaning

If you want your windows or glass doors to sparkle in ever-lasting cleanliness, these five tips are for you. 

Doing it yourself

You might want to do it yourself if it is a small-scale job. In that case, we strongly advise and recommend using toothpaste, baking soda and vinegar solutions to remove the tough stains from your window. These concoctions and solutions work magic for multi-purpose cleaning. So, if you don’t have access to specialised cleaning supplies, we highly recommend that you go with the solutions mentioned above. 

Clean on an overcast day

The heat of the sun tends to make the window and glass cleaners dry too quickly. Hence, it can result in an unsightly streaking. Here is our pro tip: if you are about to clean your windows, choose an overcast day.

Wipe down at least once a week

Many businesses go weeks or months without paying heed to cleaning their windows. This can slowly lead to the build-up of mould or dirt, which could later be no less than a pain to remove. Instead, if you put in a little effort to clean and wipe down the windows at least once a week, you can significantly benefit from the slow yet deliberate process. 

Always use Microfibre cloth

Many people use paper towels or regular cleaning rags for windows. But we seem to think otherwise. We believe a microfibre cloth is one of the best ways to wipe your window to its squeaky cleanliness. You should never use a hard scraper for any kind of stuck-on-dirt, irrespective of how sticky, hard or difficult the stain could be. So we suggest you let the cleaning solution sit for several minutes and scrub it with a micro-fibre cloth. 

Rinse with clean water

A pestering problem with window cleaning solutions is this: it can leave multiple streaks on your windows. So, if you notice additional streaks on your windows, you can simply wet the cloth and gently remove the residue. It won’t leave additional streaks on the window because it will let the water evaporate quickly. This is the best way to eliminate years-long build-up of cleaning solutions. 

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