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Expert window cleaning company with over 20 years of experience

Sunshine Window Cleaning is a family-owned business based in Eltham that has over 20 years of experience in the window cleaning business. We specialise in cleaning windows on all types of properties, from homes to offices and public buildings.

We use the traditional ladder and squeegee technique as well as a “reach and wash system” to ensure your windows are clean. We can clean windows as high as 65ft. For more information on our services in London, feel free to contact our team today.

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Residential Window and Gutter Cleaning
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Gutter Cleaning
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Gutter Cleaning


Versatile Window and Gutter Cleaning Techniques

We have various versatile window and gutter cleaning techniques to match your requirements. Some windows may respond well to the traditional ladder and squeegee technique, while others might be more convenient to clean through a ‘reach and wash system’. We can clean any window at any height and altitude, whether high or low. Our cleaning service is highly personalised and tailored to your specific needs.

Customer Experience is Our Utmost Priority

Above everything else, we prioritise the customer experience. Whether commercial or residential, we provide thorough assistance to satisfy your satisfaction. When we are done, you won’t be able to help but admire our handiwork and the shiny and dazzling look of your windows.

Commercial Cleaning Done Right

Our window and gutter cleaning company understands the appeal and need for squeaky-clean commercial windows. We have many years of experience handling commercial cleaning projects, so the windows’ heights or the project’s complications are manageable. We are always ready to tackle any project from scratch.


Why Choose Us?

As a leading window cleaning company with a trailblazing legacy, we vouch for the sparkling quality of our services. We are the definitive name in the professional window cleaning agency. Here is what makes us stand out:

  • We are always ready to tackle all your window and Gutter cleaning requirements
  • We use excellent cleaning agents when we are working on your windows
  • You can get free and no-obligation quotes for your cleaning service
  • We are available for all kinds of customised and specific window and gutter cleaning works

Get in touch with us and get your no-obligation quote today!

Services we offer include:

  • External window cleaning
  • Internal window cleaning
  • uPVC cleaning
  • End of tenancy cleaning
  • Office glass cleaning
  • Management Contract cleaning
  • Conservatory cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning

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We will ensure all your windows are cleaned to the highest standard.

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